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WOW Recruitment Widget 1.2

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    Freeman Man

for more information about this plugin please go to wordpress plugin gallery

* please save the widget once after upgrading from 1.0.x to make data work with new code *

Update 1/8/2010: I’ve just written a post about customizing this widget with only css codes, have a look 😄



A widget that helps to display recruitment message of a World of Warcraft guild.

This version is updated and tested with 3.0.1 😄

New Features in 1.2:

* option to use custom style sheet! * fully customizable class / status texts! (yea I don’t have much time to hard code multilingual support, so now you can do it all yourself :p) * customizable number of rows! (yes it’s official now) * added in recruitment message * added in a google ad to widget settings for my own good, lol, you can delete that line of code if you really don’t like it.

** row order in widget settings does not affect order that displays in front, it will just automatically sorts by status then class, I will improve this in future version

Thank you for all your support, stay tuned for updates~

Download from wordpress plugin gallery:�http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wow-recruit-widget/

Full change log, plugin description after the break.


= 1.2.5 =
* there was some subversion mess up for previous 2 updates, I’ve recovered everything and this update should work properly= 1.2.4 =
* fixed another issue about new generated wr-note class name, and a default style bug, also updated readme file
* removed google ad \(sorry I was doing it wrong!\)
\* added a “help” icon that links to this plugin’s new home page

= 1.2.3 =
* fixed a very minor potential issue about new generated wr-note class name, and a minor default style bug

= 1.2.2 =
* fixed another layout bug

= 1.2.1 =
* fixed a layout bug

= 1.2.0 =
* major update with new options panel
* option to use custom style sheet! and it is recombined back to one css
* fully customizable class / status texts!
* customizable number of rows!
* added in recruitment message

Future Improvements:

  • Custom order
  • More readable widget settings
  • Able to toggle display/not display instead of hiding all �Closed� status
  • Different mode (maybe offer a more graphical layout)