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Random 3360x1050 Wallpaper in Windows 7

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    Freeman Man

If you manage to have two 22 inch wide screen monitors like me, you probably have done the some search for dual wide screen wallpapers. Here is a quick Google search

“What software should I download to use it?” the answer is you don’t need to download anything!

Windows 7 “sort of” supports this kind of cross screen wallpaper. I say sort of because it does not have an option says “make wallpaper span to all screens” or something, but you can do a little trick to make it fit.

The trick is very simple, just set it as Tile.

Yes, it is that simple, you can even have random dual wide screen wallpaper without installing any wallpaper managing software!

Here are the steps:

  1. Put all your wallpapers into a folder
  2. Go to Personalization > Desktop Background – there are several ways to get to this page, one of them is to right click your desktop and choose Personalize
  3. Setup Picture Location to your wallpaper folder through Browse… button
  4. Tick all wallpapers you want to use
  5. Set Picture position to Tile, tick Shuffle, and choose timer
  6. Tada! you’ve got your random dual wide screen wallpaper!

unfortunately the taskbar still won’t span to the other screen, but it’s not very necessary imo 😄